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Dive into a season of discovery with our Summer Program, where each week offers a unique theme designed to ignite imaginations, foster creativity, and encourage exploration in a fun-filled environment. From solving puzzles to embracing nature, and conducting gooey science experiments, our program is the perfect playground for an unforgettable summer of learning and adventure. Join us for the thrill of new experiences and the joy of summer exploration!

Kids Playing Tug of War

2024 Summer Weekly Themes

6/24 - 6/28

Blowing Off Steam

Unleash the energy of summer with a week full of steam-powered fun and inventive play!

7/8 - 7/12

Adventures Unlimited

Scale the peaks of excitement with a week of boundless adventures and heart-pumping activities.

7/22 -7/26

Winter in July

Beat the heat by diving into a winter wonderland of cool activities and frosty fun in the middle of summer.

8/5 - 8/9

Figure it Out

Put on your thinking caps for a week of puzzles, problems, and mind-bending challenges that will stretch your smarts to their limits.

8/19 - 8/23

Going Green

Discover the art of sustainable living with eco-friendly projects and green initiatives that celebrate our planet.

7/1 - 7/5

Extraordinary Sites

Embark on a virtual globetrotting adventure to explore the world's most breathtaking landmarks and hidden wonders.

Please note: We are closed July 4th in observance of Independence Day.

7/15 - 7/19

Community Helpers

Celebrate the everyday heroes in our community with engaging activities that teach the joy of helping others.

7/29 - 8/2

Ultimate Survivor

Test your wilderness wits and survival skills in a week of challenging outdoor scenarios and team-building triumphs.

8/12 - 8/16

The Great Outdoors

Reconnect with nature through a week of outdoor exploration, from starry skies to the intricate wonders of the local ecosystem.

8/26 - 8/30

Ooey Gooey Science

Close out the summer with a bang of science experiments, from sticky slime to explosive volcanoes, for an unforgettable messy finale!

Let's Gear Up for a Summer to Remember!

To make the most of each day, we ask every camper to come prepared.

Please remember bring the following:

  • a bathing suit and towel for water activities

  • sunscreen for protection (which will be collected on the first day of camp for safekeeping)

  • a water bottle to stay hydrated

  • a change of clothes

  • sneakers

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