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Before School Care


$50 / weekly


6:30 AM - 8:30 AM weekdays

About the Program

Start your child's day off right with the "Before School Care" program at Youth Center Inc. Our program is designed to offer a safe, nurturing environment that engages young minds, providing them with an energetic and positive start to their school day. Located conveniently in the heart of our community, our facility is equipped to cater to the unique needs of children aged 5-12, ensuring they are fully prepared for the challenges of the day ahead.

Our experienced staff provide a variety of enriching activities designed to spark creativity, critical thinking, and teamwork. Children can choose from a range of options, including arts and crafts, educational games, and reading time, encouraging them to explore their interests and discover new talents. For those needing an extra boost, we offer homework help, guiding students through challenging topics and ensuring they feel confident heading into their classes.

Our program also includes a healthy breakfast, providing children with the nourishment they need to focus and succeed. We emphasize balanced meals, including fruits, whole grains, and protein-packed options, ensuring that each child starts their day with the energy they need to thrive. With dedicated care and holistic development, our "Before School Care" program offers the ideal environment to help your child grow and succeed.

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