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After School Program


$70 / weekly


until 6:00 PM weekdays

About the Program

Youth Center Inc. offers a comprehensive "After School Program," providing a safe and supportive environment for children aged 5-12 to explore, learn, and grow. Our program is designed to support families by offering engaging activities, helping children unwind after their school day, and providing a positive space to foster their holistic development.

We offer a variety of enriching activities, including creative arts, educational games, and team-building exercises. Our goal is to cultivate children's interests, encouraging them to explore new passions and develop valuable skills. We also offer academic support, with dedicated staff members available to help students with homework assignments, clarify challenging topics, and promote effective study habits.

In addition to our indoor activities, the program includes outdoor playtime, allowing children to enjoy fresh air and physical activities in a secure environment. They can participate in sports, playground games, or simply enjoy free play with their peers. Our program also includes a nutritious snack, ensuring children are refueled and ready to continue their day with energy and enthusiasm.

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