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Combined Before / After School Care


$105 / weekly


Before and After School on weekdays

About the Program

Youth Center Inc. is proud to offer a combined "Before and After School Care" program, providing comprehensive support to children aged 5-12 throughout the day. This program offers a nurturing and engaging environment, ensuring that children are well-prepared for the day's challenges and have a secure place to relax and grow after school.

In the mornings, our program offers an array of activities designed to stimulate children's minds and set a positive tone for the day. Children can choose from creative arts, educational games, or reading time, allowing them to explore their interests and discover new talents. We also provide a nutritious breakfast, ensuring children are fueled and ready to learn.

After school, our program offers a safe haven where children can unwind, explore, and develop new skills. We offer diverse activities, including arts and crafts, educational games, and team-building exercises, promoting holistic development. Dedicated staff are available to assist with homework, clarifying challenging topics and fostering effective study habits.

Outdoor playtime is also part of our program, allowing children to enjoy fresh air and physical activities in a secure environment. They can participate in sports, playground games, or free play with their peers. A nutritious snack is provided in the afternoon, keeping children energized and ready to continue their day.

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